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Relaxation Phenomena In Nmr Of Paramagnetic Species
The Domain Structure Of Calmodulin: Some Recent Biophysical Studies
Design Of Coreceptor Molecules For Polynuclear And Photoactive Metal Ion Complexes
Structure And Magnetism Of Iron-Sulfur Clusters In Proteins
Concurrent Cryokinetic And Cryospectroscopic Characterization Of Intermediates In Mettalloenzyme Action
Electron Transfer At Fixed Distances In Metalloproteins
The Electrochemistry Of Redox Proteins
The Binuclear Iron Center Of Uteroferrin
Metalloporphyrins In Biochemistry
Carbon Monoxide And Dioxygen Binding By Iron(Ii) Porphyrins
Metal Epr Truth Diagrams Revisited 15 Years Later
The Effect Of Hydrogen-Bonding Of Amides On The Stability Of Axial Ligand Complexes Of Metalloporphyrins
The Influence Of Electrostatic Interactions Between Buried Groups On The Structure And Properties Of Globular Proteins
Structures Of Glycinato Complexes Of Biochemically Important Divalent Transition-Metal Ions In Solution
Can Copper(Ii) Ions Activate Biologically Small Peptide Molecules?
Dioxygen Binding And Activation In Dinuclear Copper Complex Systems
Di-Copper Complexes Of Macrocyclic Ligands As Models For Type 3 Copper Proteins
A Comparison Study Of Sulfite Reductase From Sulfate-Reducing Bacteria: A M‰ssbauer Investigation
New Aspects Of Mossbauer Spectroscopy
Electronic And Magnetic Properties Of Synthetic Analogs For The M And P Clusters Of Nitrogenase
Resonance Raman Spectroscopy Of Iron-Sulfur Proteins
An Organometallic Lithium Ionophore
Ionophore-Metal Interactions
Gold Drugs
Solution Kinetics Of A Gold(I) Biologically Active Complex
Alkaline Phosphatase: An Enzyme Vi1th Muimple Catalytic Metal Ions At Each Active Center: 31p And 113cd Nmr In Solution Correlated With The Crystal Structure
The Structural Basis Of Kinetic Differences Between Carbonic Anhydrase Isoenzymes
A Comparison Of Some Ph-Dependent Properties Of Zinc Enzymes
Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Of Oxygen-17 To Probe The Action Of Metalloenzymes: Liver Alcohol Dehydrogenase
Structural Modulations Of The Catalytic Metal Binding Site In Liver Alcohol Dehydrogenase Due To Local And Global Changes Of Protein Conformation During The Catalytic Cycle
The Mechanism Of Dioxygen Reduction By Cytochrome C Oxidase
Progress In The Characterization Of Thermus Respiratory Proteins41 Oxygen Binding To The Binuclear Center Of Hemerythrin
The Structure Of The Copper-Containing Oxygen-Transporting Hemocyanins From Arthropods
Optical Detection Of Paramagnetic Resonance By Magnetic Circular Dichroism. Applications To Metalloproteins
Electron Transfer Pathways In Blue Copper Proteins
The Binuclear Copper Center And The Reaction Mechanism Of Tyrosinase
Ascorbate Oxidase: Further Investigations Of Its Structure And Catalytic Properties
Redox Titrations And Reversible Removal Of Copper From Bovine Plasma Amine Oxidase
Electronic Absorption Spectroscopy Of Cobalt Angiotensin Converting Enzyme
Electrochemical And Spectroelectrochemical Behavior Of C-Type Cytochromes At Electrode Inferface In The Presence Of Electron Promoters
On The Mechanism Of Electron Transfer Between Myoglobin And Cytochrome C
Electron Spin Echo Spectroscopy And The Study Of Metalloproteins
Endor Of Iron Sulfur Centers
Structure Of A Small Rubredoxin: Tentative Assignment Of Amino Acid Sequence And Three Dimensional Structure Of The Rubredoxin From Desulfovibrio Desulfuricans (Strain 27774)
Novel Redox Chemistry Of Azotobacter Vinelandii Ferredoxin I
Models For The Molybdenum Centers Of The Molybdenum Hydroxylases
Structural And 1h And 31p Nmr Spectroscopic Studies Of B12 Compounds: A New Crystalline Form Of Vitamin B12
Comparative Proton And Deuteron Nmrd Studies Of Ca2+ -Mn2+ -Concanavalin A, Pea,And Lentil Lectins: Evidence For A Common Site Of Exchanging Water Molecules
Thermodynamic And Structural Properties Of The Metal Binding Sites Of The Transferrins
Desulfovibrio Gigas Hydrogenase
Hydrogenase From Chromatium Vinosum: The Redox States Of Nickel And The Iron-Sulphur Cluster During Catalysis
Nickel X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy Of Desulfovibrio Gigas Hydrogenase
The Reactivity Of The Nickel-Containing Hydrogenase From Desulfovibrio Gigas With Oxygen, Deuterium And Carbon Monoxide
Bioenergetic Role Of Nickel-Containing Proteins In Methanogens
The Nature Of The Very Rapid Intermediate In Xanthine Oxidase Turnover
Approaches To The Molybdenum Centers Of ÆOxo-TypeØ Enzymes
Copper-Molybdenum Sulphur Clusters And Relevance To Molybdenum-Induced Copper-Deficiency In Ruminants
Molybdenum-Sulfur Structural, Redox And Reaction Chemistry
Azide Reduction By Azotobacter Vinelandii Nitrogenase
Hydrogen And Nitrogen Interactions At The Active Site Of Nitrogenase
Metal Ion Binding To Nucleosides And Nucleotides
Platinum Oligonucleotide Models Of Platinum-Dna Interactions
Reactions Of Platinum Compounds With Nucleic Acids And Oligonucleotides
The Binding Of Platinum Complexes To Dna
The Influence Of Metal Ion-Nucleic Acid Interactions On Genetic Information Transfer (G.I.T.)
Influence Of Metal Ions On The Cooperativity Of Dna-Protein Interactions
An Introduction To The Minisymposium
Metal Ions And Plants
The Aerobic Reduction Of Fe(Iii) Complexes By Hemoglobin And Myoglobin
Silicon Essentiality And Function
Characterization Of The Biocomplexes Of Vanadium Metabolism In The Rat
Physicochemical, Metabolic And Molecular Aspects Of Nickel Carcinogenesis
Selenium Biochemistry
Synthetic Analogs Of Oxidized Heme Proteins. Preparation And Characterization Of Iron(Iv) Porphyrins
Tetra(4-N-Methylpyridyl)Porphyri Natoiron(Iii) Pentacation, A Polar Catalyst For Model Systems For Cytochrome P450 Mono-Oxygenases
Heme Model Studies On Olefin Oxidation By Cytochrome P-450
Derivatized Porphyrins As Models For H-Bonded Oxyhemoglobin And Cytochrome Oxidase
Geminate Recombination In The Photolytic Dissociation Of No And Co From Hemes And Heme Proteins
Formation Of Iron(Iv) Oxo Derivatives Via Reduction Of Ferrous Porphyrin Dioxygen Adducts And Reaction With Carbon Dioxide
Synthetic Approaches To The Metal Centers Of Nitrogenase
The Reactions, Structural Characterization And Electronic Properties Of The New Metastable [Fe6s6l6]3 And [Fe6s6l6]2 Complexes
Iron(Iii)-Catalyzed Oxygenation Of Catechols
Structure, Recognition And Transport Of Ferric Enterobactin In E. Coli
Activation Of Hydroperoxides By Fe11(Mccn)4(Cio4)2 And Feiiicl3 In Acetonitrile
Syntheses Of Iron Model Compounds With Macrocyclic N-Donor Ligands
Ferritin: A General View Of The Protein, Iron Core, And The Iron-Protein Interface
Primary Structure Studies On Apoferritins: Iron Uptake And Release
The Three-Dimensional Structure Of Apoferritin: A Framework Controlling Ferritin's Iron Storage And Release
The Effect Of Histidine Modification On The Iron Binding Centers Of Human Serum Transferrin
Transferrin And Iron Transport
Comparative Chemical And Biological Studies Of Invertebrate Ferritins
Steady State And Burst Kinetic Studies On Peroxidases
Kinetic Studies Of The Reaction Of Pseudomonas Cytochrome Oxidase (C-Al)
Binding Sites For Inorganic Redox Partners On [2fe-2s] And 2[4fc-4s] Ferredoxins
Reduction By Radicals Of Metmyoglobin, Methemerythrin And Derivatives
Kinetics And Reaction Pathways For The Autoxidation Of Cobalt Polyamine Complexes
Clinical Disorders Of Zinc Metabolism And Their Treatment
Magnesium Deficiency States
From Theory To Therapy: How To Make A New Drug Out Of A New Idea
Lithium In Medicine
Clinical Applications Of Platinum Metal Complexes
Environmental Aspects Of Nickel Transport And Nickel Toxicity In Selected Algal Species
Arsenic In The Environment
Kinetics And Mechanism Of Photo-Assisted Reactions On Iron Oxide Surfaces
Iron Uptake And Phytoplankton Growth
Plutonium Speciation From Disposal Vault Into Man
Mossbauer And Pixe Studies Of Iron Biominerals
The Ph Dependence Of The Electron Self Exchange Rate Of Azurin From Pseudomonas Aeruginosa As Studied By Nmr
Electron Transfer And Protonation Steps In The Reduction Of Dioxygen To Water By Laccase
Intramolecular Electron Transfer Between Two Metals Bridged By Saturated Ligands
Electron Transfer Reactions In Cytochrome C Oxidase
Mechanism And Regulation For A Coupled Two-Electron Transfer In A Tetrahaem Cytochrome Poster Sessions
Structure/Function Correlations Of The Coupled Binuclear Copper Active Site
A Nitric Oxide Adduct Of The Binuclear Iron Center In Deoxyhemerythrin From Phascolopsis Gouldii. Analogue Of A Putative Intermediate In The Oxygenation Reaction
Characterization Of A Novel Copper Enzyme: Bacterial Nitrous Oxide Reductase
Anion Binding Sites Of Reduced Bovine Copper-Zinc Superoxide Dismutase: A Ci-35 And High-Resolution H-1 Nmr Study
Iron A And Iron B In Purple Bovine Spleen Acid Phosphatase
Paramagnetic I Nmr Spectra Of Ribonucleotide Reductase From Escherichia Coli
Nmr And Exafs Studies Of Hemerythrin Complexes
Resonance Raman Study Of The Hydroxide. Adduct Of Hemerythrin
Preliminary Structural Studies On Bacterioferritin
Manganese Containing Superoxide Dismutase. Structural And Spectroscopic Investigations
Active Site Formation In The Last Stages Of Folding Of Carbonic Anhydrase
Water Proton Relaxation Properties Of Manganese(Ii) Proteins: A New Theoretical Framework
Extended Site Binding Interactions Between Concanavalin A And Glycopeptides And Oligosaccharides
Effects Of Ca2+ And Zn2+ On The 1 Nmr Properties Of Bovine Sioob
Ft-Ir Studies Of The Active Sites In Aminoacylase
Bromoperoxidases From Seaweed: A Novel Class Of Enzymes Containing Vanadium?
Isolation Of The Dna Sequence Coding For Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Azurin
The Effect Of Molybdenum On Nitrogen Fixing Organisms
Spectroscopic Studies Of Nonheme Iron Active Sites
Epr And Mossbauer Studies On Desulfovibrio Gigas Mo(Fe-S) Protein
Cobalt Containing B12 Cofactors From Methanogenic Bacteria - Spectroscopic Characterization
A Blue Copper Protein From Thiobacillus Versutus
Exafs Studies On Oxidized And Reduced Azurin At High And Low Ph
Water Photolysis Using Semiconductor-Bound Hydrogenases
Epr Spectra Of The Nickel Centre And Iron-Sulphur Clusters During Activation And Deactivation Of Desulfovibrio Gigas Hydrogenase
Low Temperature Magnetic Circular Dichroism Spectroscopy As A Probe For The Optical Transitions Of Paramagnetic Nickel In Hydrogenase
Spectroscopic Evidence For [2fe-2s],[3fe-Xs], And [4fe-4s] Clusters In Reconstitutively Active Mammalian Succinate Dehydrogenase
Redox State Studies Of Two Iron-Sulfur Centers In 7fe Ferredoxins By Proton Magnetic Resonance
Nitrosyl-Binding To The Mononuclear Non-Heme Iron Of Putidamonooxin: A Model For The Corresponding Peroxo Complex
Experimental And Theoretical Electronic Structure Studies Of Iron Sulfur And Iron Molybdenum Sulfur Compounds Via Mossbauer Spectroscopy And Molecular Orbital Theory
Evidence For High Multiplicity Spin States In The 2 [4fe-4sc] + Ferredoxin From Clostridium Pasteurianum
Epr Studies On Adenylyl Sulfate (Aps) Reductase - A Flavin, Iron-Sulfur Containing Protein
A [4fe-4s] Cluster With Spin S=3/2: Studies Of The Nitrogenase Fe-Protein From A. Vinelandii In The Presence Of 0.4 M Urea
Nickel-Iron-Sulfur-Selenium Containing Hydrogenases Isolated From Desulfovibrio Baculatus Strain 9974
Purification Of An Hydrogenase From An Halophilic Sulfate Reducing Bacterium: Desulfovibrio Salexigens Strain British Guiana
A Resonance Raman Study Of The Myoglobin Complexes Formed By Reaction With Monosubstituted Hydrazines
The Influence Of Distal. Amino Acids Upon Ligand Binding As Determined From Cyanide Ion Binding To Sperm Whale Met-Myoglobin And The Monomer Fraction Glycera Dibranchiata Met-Hemoglobins
Assignment Of Protein Resonances In The Proton Nmr Spectrum Of Metcyanomyoglobin
Nitrosyliron(Iii) Hemoglobin: Autoreduction And Spectroscopy
Spectral Characterization Of Diarylpropane Oxygenase, A Novel Peroxide-Dependent, Lignin-Degrading Heme Enzyme
Spectroscopic Properties Of Chloroperoxidase Compounds Ii And Iii - Possible Structural Models For Analogous Cytochrome P-450 Derivatives
Anion Binding To A Cytochrome C'
Selectivity Of The Interaction Between Cytochrome C And Transition Metal Ion Complexes Of Edta And Related Ligands
Nmr Studies Of A Monoheme Cytochrome From Wolinella Succinogenes, A Nitrate Respiring Organism
Structural Homology Of Tetraheme Cytochrome C3
Characterization Of Two Low-Spin Bacterial Siroheme Proteins
Met-80 Involvement In Photoredox Processes Of Cytochrome C
The Heme Environment Of Peroxidases: 15n Nmr Of Bound C15n-
Elements Of The Proposed Peroxidase Mechanism Elucidated From Nmr And Ir Studies Of Cytochrome C Peroxidase Forms
Mcd Studies On The Heme And Tryptophan Components Of Cytochrome C Peroxidase
Magnetic Circular Dichroism Studies Of Cytochrome C Peroxidase And Its Ligand Complexes
Observation Of The Feiv=O Structures Of Horseradish Peroxidase Compound Ii And Ferryl Myoglobin By Resonance Raman Spectroscopy
Thin-Layer Spectroelectrochemistry Of The Cyt A And Cyt03 Sites In Beef Heart Cytochrome C Oxidase
Differentiation Of The Allosteric And Redox Properties Of Cytochrome C
The Use Of ÆNon-PerturbativeØ Site-Directed Mutagenesis For The Study Of Electron Transfer Mechanisms In Metalloproteins
Cu(Ii)-Ladh: A Multi-Site Redox System
Electron Transfer Between Hemoglobin And Arenediazonium Salts
Intramolecular Electron Transfer In Ru(Nh3)5- Modified Cytochromes C
Intramolecular Electron Transfer Between Metal Redox Sites In Ruthenium-Modified Myoglobins
Towards The Design Of Electrochemical Interfaces Which Permit Rapid And Specific Heterogeneous Electron Transfer To Redox Enzymes
Epr Studies On The Function Of The 16, 24 And 33 Kda Subunits On The Photosystem Ii Donor Side
Absorption And Epr Studies Of Photosystem I Photochemistry
Proton Pumping By Cytochrome C Oxidase: The Importance And Mechanisms Of Electron Gating
Reactions Of Cytochrome C Oxidase With Carbon Monoxide
Electron Transfer Between Ferrocytochrome C Peroxidase (Ccpii) And Ferricytochrome C(Ciii): Ionic Strength Effects
Cyanide-Inhibition Studies On Cytochrome C Oxidase Using Rapid-Freeze/Epr
Redox Pathways In C-Type Cytochromes. Possible Role Of The Bridging Sulfur
Time-Resolved Resonance Raman. Study Of The Oxidation Cytochrome Oxidase By Dioxygen
Steady-State Kinetics Of Cytochrome C Oxidase In Phospholipid Vesicles: The Effects Of Ph, Ionic Strength And D20
Active Site Chemistry Of Octameric And Monomeric Hemerythrin From Themiste Zostericola
Acid Dissociation Constants For Three Plastocyanins
Carboxypeptidase A, Evidence For An Anhydride Intermediate
The Interaction Of Zinc Ions With Arsanilazotyrosine-248-Carboxypeptidase A
Kinetic Salt Effect Of Alkaline Earth Chlorides On The Urease Catalyzed Urea Hydrolysis
Dependence Of The Urease Catalyzed Urea Hydrolysis On Substrate Concentration And Temperature In The Presence Of Alkaline Earth Halides
Protein Interaction With The Copper(Ii)/Ascorbic Acid/Oxygen System: Evidence For A Non-Site Specific Reaction
Reactivity Patterns In The Nucleophilic Dealkylation Of N-Substituted Metalloporphyrins
Inhibition Of Human Carbonic Anhydrase Ii By Some Organic Compounds
Inhibitory Activity Of Cu(Ii), Co(Ii) And Ni(Ii) Complexes With 1,4-Bis(3-Aminopropyl)Piperazine And 3,3'-Diamino-N-Methyldipropylamine Toward Lentil Seedlings Diamineoxidase
The Nature Of The High-Ph/Low-Ph Transition In Sulphite Oxidase And In Nitrate Reductase
Detection And Characterization Of Intermediates In The Reaction Catalyzed By Co(Ii)-Substituted Horse Liver Alcohol Dehydrogenase
1h Nmr Investigation Of Inhibitor Binding To Cobalt(Ii) Substituted Liver Alcohol Dehydrogenase (Ladh)
1h Nmr Spectra Of Active Site Residues In Cobalt(Ii) Alkaline Phosphatase
Cd And 1h Nmr Studies On Cobalt(Ii) Substituted Ovotransferrin-Oxalate Complexes
Magnetic And Epr Investigations On Co(Ii)-Hemocyanin: A Model For Deoxy-Hemocyanin
Fe(Ii)- And Fe(Iii)-Substituted Horse Liver Alcohol Dehydrogenase
Cu2+ Binding To Dopamine B-Monooxygenase
Nmr Studies Of Ni(Ii)- And Co(Ii)-Substituted Stellacyanin
Conformation And Temperature Dependent Spectral Changes In Nickel Hemoglobin
Studies On The Lanthanide Complexes Of Subtilisins
Transport Of Hydrogen Ions By A 4fe-4s Model Compound In A Directional Electron Transport System
Synthesis And Study Of An Analog For The [Fe4s4]3+ Center Of Oxidized High Potential Iron-Sulfur Proteins
Esr In Single Crystals Of 4 Iron 4 Sulfur Synthetic Cubanes: A New Way For Detailed Spectroscopic Studies Of The [Fe4s4]+ And [Fe4s4]3+ States
A Correlation Between The Structural, Electronic And Magnetic Properties Of [Fe4s5cp4]N (N=0,1+,2+) Cores, Present In A Distorted Cubane-Type Cluster With One Penta-Coordinated Iron Atom
Chelation Effect Of A Cys-X-Y-Cys Tetrapeptide Sequence For The 4fe-4s Cluster
Evidences For The Formation Of Complexes D,L-Dihydrothioctic Acid Reduced Lipoic Acid) With Ni11, Co11 And Fe111 Salts
A Unified Concept Of Electronic Perturbations Of Porphyrins
Steric Hindrance Influence Of Iron(Ii)-Porphyrins On 02 And Co Bindings: Infrared And Resonance Raman Studies
Reversible Oxidation Of Iron(Ii) N-Methylporphyrins. Characterization Of Thermally Unstable Iron(111) N-Methylporphyrins
Mossbauer Study Of Oxy-Models For The Enzyme P450. I: [Fe(02)(Sc6hf4)Tppivpi[Nac18c6j
Low Temperature Molecular Dynamics Of [Hfe(Co)4]: A Possible Model For The Dynamic Behavior Of 02 In Iron-Porphyrins
Spin-Crossover Dynamics In Model-Compounds For Heme Proteins
New Chemistry Of Binuclear Iron Complexes - Models For Hemerythrin And Related Proteins
Models For Iron-Tyrosinate Coordination In Proteins. Spectral And Stereochemical Studies Of Iron(Iii) Complexes Of N-Salicylidene-L-Amino Acids
Analytical Techniques In The Study Of Ni And Fe Model. Complexes Of Biological Significance
Synthetic Approach To The Mononuclear Active Sites Of Molybdoenzymes
Modelling The Hemocyanin Active Site: A Contribution To Magneto-Structural Correlations
Biomimetic Systems For The Visible Copper-Site Cua In Cytochrome C Oxidase
Copper Chelates Of A Dinucleating Benzimidazole-Containing Ligand As Models For Type Iii Copper Proteins
Imidazole-Containing Schiff Base Ligands As Versatile Models For Copper Protein Environments
Models For Copper Proteins
Cobalt Thiolate Complexes: Models For The Active Sites Of Metal-Cysteine Proteins
Metal Complexes Of Sulfur-Containing Ligands Of Biological Interest: S-Methyl-L-Cysteine, A-Lipoic Acid And Glutathione
Intramolecular Hydrophobic And Stacking Interactions In Binary And Ternary Amino Acid Complexes
Models For Metal-Protein Interaction: Copper(Ii) Complexes With A Cyclic Peptide Having Side-Chain Imidazolyl And Carboxyl Groups
The Role Of The Tosyl Group On The Coordination Ability Of N-Protected Aminoacids. Solid State Behavior Of N-Tosylvalinate Copper(Ii) Complexes
The Cupric Interaction With Opioid Peptides
Mononuclear And Binuclear Copper(I) And Copper(Ii) Complexes Derived From L-Histidine And L-N7-Methylhistidine
Co-Ordination Ability Of An N-Terminal Tetrapeptide Fragment Of Fibrinopeptide A
Thermodynamic And Spectroscopic Study Of Metal Complex Formation With Cyclopeptides: Cu(Ii)- And Zn(Ii)-Cyclo-L-Histidyi: L-Histidyl
Structural Investigations Of Magnesium- And Copper(Ii)-Hydrogenurates
Molybdenum(Vi) Complexes Of (R)-Cysteine In Aqueous Solution
New Nickel(Ii) Complexes With Dithiocarbamate-Derivatives Of A-Aminoacids
Preferential Catalysis Of Model Reactions In The Cobalt(Iii) Complex Of The Vitamin B-6 Schiff Base Of Glycine
Exafs Studies Of Gel And Solid Forms Of Ca2+ -A-D-Polygalacturonate
Modes Of Complexation Of Cyclic Peptides With Light Metal Ions
The Effect Of Sodium Ion Interference On Bioinorganic Formation Constants Determined By Glass Electrode Potentiometry
Synthesis And Characterization Of D-Block Complexes With Bromazepam As Ligand
Dynamical Properties Of Atp/Cdcl2 And Atp(Cd(Cio4)2 Complexes: A Combined 13c And 113cd Relaxation Study
Chiral Discrimination In Electron Transfer Reactions Between Asymmetric Species
An Investigation Of The Kinetics And Mechanism Of Iron(Iii) Release From N,N'- -D1(2-Hy Droxybenzyl)Ethylenediamine-N
Net Electron Acceptor/Donor Character Of Isocyanides And Dinitrogen At The Iron(Ii) Centre (Feh(Ph2pch2ch2pph2)2]+: An Electrochemical Study
Electron-Rich Rhenium And Molybdenum Metal Centres As Potential Inorganic Models In The Bio-Reduction Of Isocyanides?
A Proton-Nmr Study Of The Kinetics Of Formation Of The General Intermediate In Vitamin B-6-Catalyzed Transamination
Reactions Of Dioxygen Complexes. Autoxidation Of 2-Aminomethylpyridine Through Cobalt Dioxygen Complex Formation
Coordination Abilities Of Substituted Phenolates - A Spectrophotometric And Conductometric Study
Complex Formation In The System Ni(Ii) - A-Mercaptophenylacetic Acid
Kinetics Of Ligand Substitution In Chelate Complexes Of Divalent Transition Metals Of Biological Importance
Coordinating Properties Of Pyridoxal Thiosemicarbazone In Metal Complexes
Nmr And Spectroscopic Studies On The Pyridoxal/Glycine /Dioxouranium(Vi) System
Synthesis Of Cobalt(Ii) Complexes With Non-Symmetric Schiff Bases
Coordination Chemistry Of Iron Bis-Pyridoxal Isonicotinoyl Hydrazone: Stereochemical And Electrochemical Considerations
Mobilization Of Ferritin-Bound Iron By Reduced D,L-Lipoate And Reduced D,L-Lipoamide
Electrochemical Properties Of [Fe4s4(Sc6h5)4] 2-, Analogue Of The Active Site Of Iron-Sulfur Proteins, In Aqueous Micellar Solutions
Complexation Of Copper(Ii) Ions By Caffeic Acid
Interaction Of 6-Amino-I,3-Dimethyle-5-Phenylazouracil With Co(Ii), Ni(Ii), Cu(Ii) And Ag(I) Ions
Comparative Study Of Metallochlorins And Metalloporphyrins By Resonance Raman Spectroscopy
Palladium(Ii) Derivatives Of Some 1,4-Benzodiazepin-2-Ones
Copper(Ii) Complexes Of Some Indolic Acids
Calcium Binding To Methylmalonate Ion
Multinuclear Nmr Studies Of Vanadium(V) Complexes With Lactic And Malic Acids
Spectroscopic And Potentiometric Studies Of Copper(Ii) Complexes Of D-Glucosamine
Endor Study Of Small Molecule And Enzyme Complexes Of Gd3+ In Frozen Solution
A Nmr Study Of Ln(Nota) Chelates As Axially Symmetric Aqueous Shift Reagents
Nmrd Investigation Of Mn 2+ And Gd3 + Nota Complexes, And A Comparison With The Analogous Edta Complexes
Substituent Effects On The Dissociation Kinetics Of Heavy Metal Ion Cryptates
Photochemistry Of Iron(Iii) Protoporphyrin Ix In Oxygenated Alkaline Aqueous Ethanol. Evidence For Superoxide Radical Formation And Its Involvement In The Porphyrin Degradation
Binuclear Ruthenium Alkyl Dioxime Complexes: Models For Electron Transfer Through Saturated Barriers
Synthesis Of Methylcobalamin From The Glutathione-Cobalamin Complex
31p-Nmr Studies Of Cobalamins
Synthetic Porphyrins Containing Adjacent, Redox-Active Species
Metal Ion - And Vitamin B6 - Catalized Transamination And Dephosphonylation Of 2-Amino-3-Phosphonopropionic Acid
Synthesis, Mossbauer And Magnetic Characterization Of Some Iron(Iii)-Nucleic Acid Components (Nucleotide, Nucleoside And Base)
Magnesium(Ii)-Induced Effects On The Stability Of The Adenoside-Thymidine Complex In Solutiona Multinuclear Magnetic Resonance Study
A Multinuclear Magnetic Resonance Study Of The Interaction Of Mononucleotides With Oxocations Of Mo(Vi), W(Vi) And V(V) In Aqueous Solution
Metal Complexes Of 3d Ions With 5'-Amp, 3'-Amp And 2'-Amp: Synthesis, Characterization And Study Of Rabbit Muscle Glycogen Phosphorylase B Activation
Reaction Of Radiolytically Formed Hydroperoxides On Dna And Precursor Compounds With Redox-Active Metal Ions And Complexes
Transition Metal Complexes With 8-Azaadenine And 8-Azaguanine
Polarographic And Spectroscopic Study On Ph +2 Ion Interaction With Dna
Using A Transition Metal Complex To Make An Image Of The Helical Twist Of Dna
Solvent-Influence On The Intramolecular Equilibria Occurring In Complexes Of Adenosine 5'-Triphosphate
Reaction Of [Cis-Pt(Nh3)2cl2] With Ribose Dinucleoside Monophosphates. Hplc Investigation On The Time Dependent Formation Of The Reaction Products
Interactions Of Water-Soluble Porphyrins And Metalloporphyrins With Nucleic Acids And Derivatives - The Influence Of The Metal
Interactions Of Water Soluble Porphyrins With Z-Poly(Dg-Dc)
Effects Of Linked And External Intercalators On The Binding Of Platinum Antitumor Drugs To Dna
Binding Of Cisplatinum Compounds To Nucleobases, Nucleotides And Oligonucleotides
Molecular Mechanics Calculations Cis-Diamminedichloroplatinum(Ii) Adducts Of Two D(Gpg)-Containing Oligonucleotide Duplexes
Chiral Discrimination In The Covalent Binding Of Bis(Phenanthroline)Ruthenium(Ii) Complexes To Dna
Biochemical Effects Of Binding [(H2o)(Nh3)5rull]2+ And [(Nh3)5ruiii] To Dna
Synergism In The Metal Ion Promoted Hydrolysis Of Adenosine 5'-Triphosphate
Biological Tissue Distribution Of Ru(Nh3)5-Bleomycin
Platinum Complexes Of Edda And Its Ethyl Ester: Syntheses And Antitumor Properties
Interaction Of Bleomycin With Pd(Ii) Complexes ((Pdc14]2-, [Cis-Pd(Nh3)2cl2], [Pd(En)Cl2l) And With [Cis-Pt(Nh3)2c12l. Antitumor Activity Of The Blm -[Cis-Pt(Nh3)2c12] System
Aluminium Complexes With Picolinic Acid
Urohemin Interaction With The Antimalarial Drugs Chloroquine And Quinine
Selenium-Mercury Interactions In Presence Of Sulfhydryl Compounds: Possible Model System For Selenium Detoxification Of Mercury
Metal Anthracycline Complexes As Non Cardiotoxic Alternatives To Anthracycline Anticancer Agents. Physico-Chemical Characteristic And Antitumor Activity Of Pd(Ii)-Anthracycline Complexes
Copper(Ii) Binding By Mitoxantrone
Pyridoxal Isonicotinoyl Hydrazone: A Promising Agent For Chelation Therapy Of Iron Overload
Ascorbate Oxidase, Diamine Oxidase And Their Use In Diagnosis Of Copper Deficiency In Plants
Malate As A Potential Agent To Promote Histamine Catabolism
Do Tetracyclines Have Any Influence On Zinc And Copper Bioavailabilities At Blood Therapeutic Levels?
Lithium Transport And Factors Affecting The Movement Of Lithium In Isolated Jejunal Mucosa Of Guinea Pig
Preparation, Characterization And Anti-Inflammatory Activity Of Imido Gold(I) Triethylphosphine Complexes
Platinum(Ii) And Palladium(Ii) Halide Complexes With Dithiocarbamic Derivatives And Their Cytostatic Activity
The Oncogene Of Murine Sarcoma Virus V-Ki-Ras May Arise As A Result Of Chemical Action On The Protooncogene C-Ras
Tumor Localizing Metal Complexes
Synthetic, Structural And Antibacterial Screening Studies Of Co(Ii), Ni(Ii) And Cu(Ii) Complexes With Benzimidazole Derivatives
Effects Of Cobalt Ions On The Synovial Production Of Neutral Proteinases And Prostaglandin E2
The Structure And Reactivity Of Ni(Ii)-Albumin Protein Complex
The Stability Constants For Iron(Ii)Aspirinate(Acetylsalicylate)
Structure-Activity Relationships In Therapeutic Chelating Agents
Lethal Effect Of Either 64cucl2 Or 64cu-Tmpyp Incorporated In Human Malignant Cells Organisms
Reduction Of Vanadium By Higher Plant Roots
Thallium Uptake By Plant Roots: Competitive Effects Of Potassium Ions
The Influence Of Complexation On Micronutrient Uptake By Plants: A Combination Of Computer Simulation And Plant Growth Experiments
Variation Of Metal Concentrations In Different Parts Of Sugarcane
Trace Elements In Food: Effects Of Digestive Enzymes On Solubility
Analytical Determination Of Metals In Biological And Environmental Samples
Amavadine, An Oxovanadium(Iv) Complex Of N-Hydroxy-Imino-A-A'-Dipropionic Acid
Metal Ions And Their Interactions With Biological. Fluids: Speciation Of Trace Metals In Saliva
Studies On The Biochemical Activity Of Selenocarrageenan
The Formation And Dissolution Of Calcium Bilirubinate. A Chemical Model System Simulating The Formation And Dissolution Of Calcium-Containing Pigment Gallstones
Interaction Of Cadmium And Bovine Serum Albumin And The Mobilization Of Cadmium From Bovine Serum Albumin With Chelating Agents