1st International Meeting Molecules4Life

20/09/2023 a 22/09/2023 Vila Real, UTAD UTAD

The Chemistry Research Centre-Vila Real (CQ-VR, Portugal), under the auspices of Sociedade Portuguesa de Química, cordially invites you to participate in the first biennial international meeting Molecules4Life.

Molecules4Life will be held at the University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro at Vila Real, in the Douro region, homeland of the world famous port wine, from 20 to 22 September 2023. 

The first edition will be devoted to the interplay between new molecules new molecular assemblies and Health Sciences, expecting to join participants from the fields of chemistry, biochemistry, pharmacy, bioengineering, biomedical sciences, and other related areas, from both academy and industry. 

The meeting is organized around four main topics:

• Molecules4…sensing and diagnostic

• Molecules4…drug delivery

• Molecules4…therapeutics

• Molecules4…healthy food

It is intended to provide an atmosphere to share experiences, knowledge, innovative ideas and future perspectives, enabling interdisciplinary approaches and network between young researchers, namely undergraduate, master’s and doctoral students, and senior researcher. 

We enthusiastically welcome you to Vila Real for the first edition of Molecules4Life, expecting that you will find this meeting an excellent opportunity to combine science with a unique social and cultural experience.

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Publicado/editado: 14/10/2022