1st Spring Virtual Meeting on Medicinal Chemistry

26/05/2021 a 26/05/2021 On-line Symposium EFMC &SPQ

On-line Symposium

On behalf of the Organizing Committee of the 1st Spring Virtual Meeting on Medicinal Chemistry, a one-day on-line Symposium to be held under the auspices of the Portuguese Chemical Society, Division of Medicinal Chemistry, we are very pleased to invite you to participate and attend.  The meeting aims to bring together the Medicinal Chemistry community in Portugal and elsewhere in these still socially distanced times.

This event will count with 3 plenary lectures and 7 oral communications and can be followed at Youtube.

The Portuguese Chemical Society will award among 6 Portuguese young researchers one with the prize "Young Medicinal Chemistry Researcher in Portugal 2021", who will be the Portuguese representative at the 8th EFMC Young Medicinal Chemists' Symposium (EFMC-YMCS).





Session Chair – Prof. Matilde Marques, IST Lisbon, Portugal



Addressing underexplored anti-infective targets


Anna K. H. Hirsch - Department of Drug Design and Optimization, Helmholtz Institute for Pharmaceutical Research Saarland (HIPS), Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research & Department of Pharmacy, Saarland University, 66123 Saarbrücken, Germany



Novel quaternary ammonium fluoroquinolone-based antibacterials: synthesis, antimicrobial evaluation, and docking studies
Joanna Fedorowicz



Small organic molecules to trigger the activity of NK cells
Pedro F. Pinheiro



Session Chair – Prof. Amparo Faustino, University of Aveiro, Portugal



Combination light-based therapies to treat pancreatic and bile duct tumours


Pilar Acedo - University College London, Institute for Liver & Digestive Health, Division of Medicine, U3rd Floor, Royal Free Hospital, Pond Street, London, NW3 2QG, UK


OC3 *

Immune responses elicited by Photodynamic Therapy with redaporfin
Catarina S. Lobo


OC4 *

Molecular Targeted Compounds for Cancer Therapy and Noninvasive Nuclear Imaging
Patricia Manuela Ribeiro Pereira



Session Chair – Prof. Emília Sousa, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Porto, Portugal



The expanding role of prodrugs in contemporary drug design and development


Jarkko Rautio - School of Pharmacy, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Eastern Finland, P.O. Box 1627, FI-70211 Kuopio, Finland


OC5 *

The First Carbohydrate-based Compounds Able to Inhibit Aβ-Induced Fyn Activation and Tau Phosphorylation: Synthesis and Biological Evaluation
Ana Marta de Matos


OC6 *

Immune checkpoint blockade by novel small-molecule inhibitors restores T cell function
Rita Acúrcio


OC7 *

Toxicokinetic/toxicodynamic studies of pentedrone and methylone: enantioselective approach
Bárbara Silva





* The researcher with the best oral communication will be awarded with the "Young Medicinal Chemistry Researcher in Portugal 2021" by the Medicinal Chemistry Division  and will be nominated to present the work at 8th EFMC Young Medicinal Chemist Symposium (EFMC-YMCS), which will take place as a fully virtual event on September 9-10, 2021.


Organizing Committee 

Matilde Marques, Emília Sousa and Amparo Faustino

Scientific Committee

Rui Moreira, Matilde Marques, Emília Sousa and Amparo Faustino


Speakers information

Dr Anna K. H. Hirsch obtained her M. Sci. from the University of Cambridge and her Ph.D. from the ETH Zurich in 2008 under Prof. F. Diederich. After a postdoc in Prof. J.-M. Lehn’s group, she became assistant professor at the University of Groningen in 2010. In 2017, she became head of the department “Drug Design and Optimization” at HIPS and full professor at Saarland University. She focuses on target-based anti-infective drug discovery, recognised by numerous prizes such as the Innovation Prize for Medicinal Chemistry of the GdCh/DPhG.

Dr Pilar Acedo, is a Senior Research Fellow at the University College London (UCL) Institute for Liver and Digestive Health (Division of Medicine), based at the Royal Free Hospital. After receiving her PhD in Genetics and Cell Biology from the Autonomous University of Madrid (Spain), Pilar held a postdoctoral position at the Karolinska Institute (Sweden), before joining UCL in October 2015.

Her current research aims to generate patient-derived cancer models as preclinical tools to study disease progression and to predict treatment response. Pilar investigates novel combination therapies to treat pancreatic and bile duct tumours, using nanomedicine and light-based therapies. Her research interests also include the development of biomarkers and imaging tools for the early detection of pancreaticobiliary cancers, using non-invasive approaches (Follow Pilar on Twitter: @pilar_acedo).

Dr Jarkko Rautio is professor in pharmaceutical chemistry and a deputy head at the School of Pharmacy, University of Eastern Finland (UEF). His research focuses on the chemistry-based methods, especially prodrugs, to overcome drug delivery liabilities of problematic drugs. He has published over 50 papers and book chapters on prodrugs. Professor Rautio co-founded the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) Prodrug Focus Group in 2005. Much of the research is currently focusing on exploiting body’s natural mechanisms for transporting amino acids and glucose, the LAT1 and GLUT1 proteins, for targeted drug delivery across the blood-brain barrier (BBB) and cancer cells that express these transporters.



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