25th IUPAC International Conference on Physical Organic Chemistry

10/07/2022 a 15/07/2022 Hiroshima, Japan IUPAC

Dear colleagues,.

Since the first meeting in 1972, the ICPOC meetings have been the leading international gatherings on Physical Organic Chemistry.

Traditionally, Physical Organic Chemistry relates molecular structure to chemical behavior, by means of the study of structure, reactivity, mechanism and equilibrium in organic systems, aiming at the quantitative, molecular level understanding of their properties. Nowadays, Physical Organic Chemistry encompasses a much wider range of contexts, extending into materials science, biology and systems chemistry. The ICPOC 25th will focus on discussing (1) Organic Reactivity and Reactive Intermediates Chemistry, (2) Theoretical and Computational Organic Chemistry, (3) π-Conjugated Molecular and Materials Chemistry, (4) Organic Photochemistry, (5) Supramolecular Chemistry, (6) Organic Main Group Chemistry, and their related chemistry.

This comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach plays a pivotal role in the development of chemical sciences, expanding their boundaries, and reflects on the vibrant and enlightening scientific discussions usually held in ICPOC meetings.

Together with an outstanding scientific program, you will feel the colors, flavors, tastes, history and traditions of Hiroshima area. I strongly encourage young chemists to come to Hiroshima and enjoy the ICPOC meeting.

I am very much looking forward to seeing you in Hiroshima, Japan, in 2022.

Manabu Abe

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