6th European Chemical Biology Symposium & EuChemS Division “Chemistry in Life Sciences”

03/04/2019 a 05/04/2019 Madrid, Espanha EuChemS

On behalf of the Scientific and Organizing Committees, it is our pleasure to invite you to attend the 6th ECBS/LS-EuChemS meeting in Madrid the 3-5 April, 2019 (www.ecbs2019euchems.eu). This occasion brings together the 6th European Chemical Biology Symposium and the meeting of the EuChemS Division “Chemistry in Life Sciences” (LS-EuChemS) and it is jointly organized by EuChemS and EU-OPENSCREEN.

Chemical biologists from all parts of Europe and overseas come together to present and discuss the latest achievements in cutting edge chemical sciences. This present joint meeting gathers researchers from organic & biological chemistry, proteins biotechnology, computational biology, protocells, machine learning, bacterial resistance, drug discovery, synthetic biology, biomedical materials and chemical glycobiology.

We encourage young researchers to present their work at the meeting (oral and flash presentations will be selected from abstracts), discuss with the speakers and embrace the exciting developments currently happening in chemical biology.


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Publicado/editado: 26/10/2018