IUPAC 2019 :: 47th Congress | 50th General Assembly and Centenary Celebration

05/07/2019 a 12/07/2019 Paris, França IUPAC

We are pleased to tell you that the preparation of the IUPAC 2019 47th Congress, 50th General Assembly and Centenary Celebration in Paris is continued effectively. The revised scientific Programme is already on the IUPAC2019 web site that is currently open, even if still under construction and progressively upgraded. The organizers, mixed French and foreign, of the about 30 Symposia are all well identified scientists in their respective domains and are now in place, preparing the contents and agendas of some 80 half-day sessions. We are currently considering 8 plenary lectures, about 80 Keynote and 160 Invited lectures, together with about 500 contributed lectures. A regular session will gather 1 KN, 2 IL and 6 CL. We will be able to welcome 2-3000 posters in 2 or 3 sessions. The audience we are expecting should be similar to that of the two previous outstanding meetings in Sao Paulo-2017 and Busan-2015, i.e. more than 3500 registered participants.

We would be very grateful if you could circulate the attached flyer of the Congress to the members of your NAOs, research institutions, chemical societies and industrial Companies in your respective countries. On the occasion of this exceptional Centenary Congress and to emphasize the universality of IUPAC, we are especially committed not only to welcome chemists  from everywhere in the world but also to encourage the participation of scientists from both industry and academia contributing jointly to the regular symposia. It is a priority that the Companies send their researchers to demonstrate their visibility as chemists and their support to Chemistry in general. We would also be grateful if you could provide us the names and contacts of the chemical (or linked to chemistry) Companies of your countries that we should not miss to invite.

2019 will not only the 100th anniversary of IUPAC creation but also the 150th anniversary of the periodical classification. IUPAC19 will celebrate those events.


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