3rd ITQB PhD Students Meeting

Dias:10-12 de Outubro
Local: Instituto de Tecnologia Química e Biológica/UNL

Dia 10
Biology Session I Chairs: James Yates and Lia Domingues Biology Session Il Chairs: Tiago Pais Débora Tavares and Joana RoLo
Keynote Lecture Genetic Conflicts, Francisco Dionísio, FCUL
Plant Session Chairs: Isabel Abreu and Liliana Ferreira

Dia 11
Technology Session I Chairs: Marta Justino and Filipe Almeida
Keynote Lecture Chromatin dynamics in African Trypanosoma, Luisa Figueiredo, IMM
Technology Session Il Chairs: Marco Patrone and Pedro Silva
Keynote Lecture Bacterial Proteins, a new class of multi-functional anti-cancer drugs, Arsénio Fialho, 1ST
Technology Session III Chairs: Pedro Mateus and Sowmiah Subbiah

Dia 12
Technology Session IV Chairs: Bárbara Henriques and Neuza Teixeira
Biological Chem. & Chemistry Session I Chairs: Sofia Venceslau and Débora A. Tavares
Biological Chemistry Session Il Chairs: Catarina Pimentel and Carla Baltazar
Interactive Session Miguel Gonçalves, SparkAgency
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Publicado/editado: 03/10/2012