Roadmap for the Chemical Sciences

EuCheMS is developing a Roadmap for the Chemical Sciences which will identify areas where chemistry can contribute to innovation and to solving important problems. The Roadmap will be sent to the European Commission as an input of EuCheMS for the new framework program and presented in the European Parliament at a workshop on November 9. The Roadmap could also help national chemical societies to draw the attention of their governments to chemical issues.

This is a unique window of opportunity to have an impact on European innovation polices and to make the voice of chemistry heard. In order to increase the weight of the
Roadmap, its contents should be based on broad consensus among European chemists. To this end, EuCheMS has prepared a draft document that can be downloaded at We ask you to make this web site and document available to your society’s divisions and individual members as soon as possible.

EuCheMS has set up an electronic platform where comments, suggestions and additions to this document can be deposited. Due to the timeframe of the European Commission, the deadline is July 8. After implementation of all input the final document will be published in the second half of July.

Let us point out that this exercise is also a great opportunity for all EuCheMS member societies and individual chemists in Europe to make a contribution to a pan-European project and to participate in EuCheMS activities.
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Publicado/editado: 14/06/2011