EuCheMS response to a Proposal for a decision of EP

European Association for Chemical and Molecular Sciences

EuCheMS response to a Proposal for a

concerning the seventh framework programme of the European Community for research technological development and demonstration activities [2007-2013]

The European Association of Chemical and Molecular Sciences, EuCheMS, welcomes the European Commission’s Proposal for research and technology for the period 2007-2013 including a detailed breakdown of the proposed budget of 67.8billion euros.

The commitment to simplifying the bureaucracy of the application process is welcomed and the proposed doubling of the budget will go some way to addressing problems of proposal oversubscription. However, it is important that, whatever the agreed final budget, it is not used by EU Member States as justification for reducing national research spending.

Chemistry is central to eight of the nine themes identified within the proposed Co-operation Programme, and will make a significant contribution to the frontier research activities within the innovative Ideas Programme, the introduction of which is an effective response to concerns over the underfunding of basic science in Europe.

Training and career development, highlighted in the People Programme, is of primary importance if the vision of the European Research Area is to be realised, and young researchers and students are to secure fulfilling career opportunities in Europe. The foci of the Capacities Programme on encouraging and promoting entrepreneurial activities through support of the SME sector and creating effective and durable interactions between industry and academia are especially welcome.

As befits its transnational structure, EuCheMS especially welcomes activities to support and integrate the activities of scientists in new Member States, Candidate Countries and the continuing commitment to wider, global co-operation and collaboration.

EuCheMS recognizes the global importance to industry and consumers of sustainability, and for this reason has been active in the development of a European Technology Platform on Sustainable Chemistry. Chemistry and chemists have a crucial role to play in ensuring the safety and quality of the food supply, and EuCheMS is also involved in the development of an ETP Food for Life. The development of private/public partnerships in these, and other, areas will stimulate trans-national co-operation, create broad stakeholder consensus and optimise the economic and societal impacts of targeted research activities.

The European Commission’s proposal for FP7 highlights the crucial importance of the Triangle of Knowledge, comprising research and technology, education and innovation; these interacting sectors underpin the programme of the EuCheMS First European Chemical Congress, to be held in Budapest, 27-31 August 2006

This meeting will bring together researchers in academia and industry, teachers, regulators, policymakers and consumers to discuss and debate the positive contribution that chemistry makes to the European economy and to highlight the benefits accruing to European consumers. An unique feature of the Congress will be the active involvement of seven Nobel Laureates, and their interaction with students and young researchers.

Note: EuCheMS – the European Association for Chemical and Molecular Sciences takes over the role and responsibilities of the Federation of European Chemical Societies and Professional Institutions. It is a non-profit making association. Its object is to promote cooperation in Europe between those non-profit-making scientific and technical societies and professional institutions in the field of chemistry whose membership consists largely of individual qualified chemists/chemical scientists and whose interests include the science and/or practice of chemistry/ chemical sciences. It was founded in 1970 and currently has 50 member societies in 36 countries.

President Professor Gábor Náray-Szabó (Hungarian Chemical Society)

President Elect Professor Giovanni Natile (Italian Chemical Society)

Secretariat Ms Evelyn McEwan, Royal Society of Chemistry, Burlington House, Piccadilly, London W1J 0BA
Tel:+44 20 7440 3303
Fax:+44 20 7437 8883

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Publicado/editado: 16/05/2005