Prof. Luís Oro é o novo Presidente da EuCheMS

Sucedendo a Giovanni Natale, Luís Oro - antigo presidente da Real Sociedade Espanhola de Química, tomou posse como presidente da EuCheMS, para um mandato de 3 anos.

EuCheMS News Release:
Professor Luis Oro has made an important contribution to the renaissance of chemistry, not only in Spain, through his outstanding scientific contributions, but also in different positions by his selfless devotion to championing and encouragement of chemistry at European level. He has been Vice-President of the European Science Foundation, a member of the European Science and Technology Assembly, the CREST EU Committee and the OECD Science Policy Committee.

Luis Oro is Professor of Inorganic Chemistry in Zaragoza and Director of the Instituto Universitario de Catálisis Homogénea (IUCH). His main research interests are in coordination and organometallic chemistry of platinum group metals where he has co- authored well over 500 scientific papers on synthesis, reaction mechanisms, homogeneous catalysis.
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Publicado/editado: 23/10/2008