First ChemBioChem Virtual Symposium - Chemistry Europe :: 27 de maio

27/05/2020 a 27/05/2020 online ChemBioChem

ChemBioChem will host a Virtual Symposium next week on Wednesday, May 27, 3 PM (CET).

Registration is free of charge

Further information is available below and in the attached flyer.


1st ChemBioChem Virtual Symposium

May 27 2020, 3-5 PM (CET)

Featuring exciting talks by:

Tom Grossmann (VU Amsterdam) "In Situ Cyclization of Proteins (INCYPRO) – Stabilizing protein tertiary structures with synthetic scaffolds"

Alison Narayan (University of Minnesota) "Biocatalysis and complex molecule synthesis"

Goncalo Bernardes (University of Cambridge) "Translational antibody bioconjugation"

Registration is free!

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